Reverse Psychology del álbum 'Anything Is Possible '

Reverse Psychology

Debbie Gibson

La canción 'Reverse Psychology' se estrenó en 1990. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Anything Is Possible

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Reverse psychology
Doesn't work on me
It works my nerves
But I think logically
So don't rehearse what you're gonna say
I like it better the spontaneous way
You got an insecurity?
I won't nurse it
I don't buy psyche - so why reverse it?

Games are good for attention (Mmm-yeah!)
But in the end they let you down
Hold me back or let me go
But no more middle ground

Boy, you've got to play your cards right
Get on back to the basics of love
We don't need no mindless mind games
A little give and take - push and shove -
A little honesty is what I'm in need of!


Don't you know I've seen it all
Though I seem naive to you
(So now) Hit me with anything at all -
Just hit me with the truth - yeah!

You keep thinking one of these days you'll
Push my back against the wall (against the wall)
It's too late for tricks of the trade now
I can escape anything at all - oh!
A little push and shove - give and take
But I won't fall!


Why wait till something better comes along?
Why not stay steady and strong? (steady and strong)
A silver lining cannot be far away (be far)
You'll get much further if you
Do what you mean and mean what you say

1-2-3-I said...

[Chorus: x2]

Jam! Jam!
I said, Jam!
Reverse psychology style
Jam (Oooo - yeah!)

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