Canción 'Better Than Art' del disco 'Randy the Band' interpretada por Randy

Better Than Art Letra


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BETTER THAN ART es una canción de Randy del año 2005, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Randy the Band.

Letra 'Better Than Art'

Well my friend is even this a trend?
Then even I hope our career will end.
I don't consider myself all that smart.
I come this far by using only my heart.
I wear my intentions on my sleeve.
I'm not cynical I'm naive.
I try to be as honest as I can.

What you now hear.
Is the same thing you hear.
When you put your ear.
Close to my heart.
And that's why why I like.
Music better than art.

Better than art.

You might think that.
Something's wrong.
Because I use the same chords.
In all my songs.
Then you say I use the same.
Words too.
I heard that before so,
so do you.
Maybe I'm just not all that.
Smart but.
One single hand covering.
one single heart.
Is a nice step on the way.
A small reminder of a.
Better day.
Spit it out now.
Spit it out on me.
Spit it out now,
Now spit it out!

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