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[busta rhymes]
yeah, yeah, yeah
the anarchy, busta rhymes shit c'mon!
Chorus: busta rhymes
Ready for busta rhymes
he's the one we've all, been waiting for, forever
(i feel so fuc*** good, my people!!)
ready for flipmode squad
(so powerful!! so good today!!)
they're the ones we've all, been waiting for, forever
(yeah!! yeah, new "rulership"!!)
ready for busta rhymes
(it feels so fuc*** good in my soul, come on!!)
he's the one we've all, been waiting for, forever
(i wanna see y'all; all my people if you feel good!!)
ready for flipmode squad
(just talk to me, c'mon, c'mon!!)
they're the ones we've all, been waiting for, forever
(now!! now, let me see y'all, so powerful!!)
[busta rhymes]
all praise due, we comin through real hard
niggaz raisin they right hand, salutin da god
yo, like a burnin sensation of henny on the first sip
hot shit my nigga; let me spit a verse quick
work shit inward, until my niggaz hurt shit
and plot elaborate schemes for monies niggaz worship
beautiful like the pleasure of when i burst my first clip
at a nigga who sold me a brick that wasn't worth shit
yo, we bomb shit, fire alarm shit
with my bitches who take packages under they armpit
now, we remain the +imperial+ live niggaz
who consistantly blackout and rep for them wild niggaz
yo, you incompatible, snatch yo' collateral
gun blunt you, and rep for every thug capital
diagonal vision, niggaz seein shit on slant
plant beatings on niggaz and celebrate a war chant
diabolic how we manifest raw logic
chronological time, we bring niggaz the raw project
hold fort and represent as the grand wizard
street chronicle illustrate the bakin of a bad blizzard
i got a spot for ya,
with live niggaz who murder sloppier
than all of the trenchcoat mafia yo
cause when you hear the sweet music playin
it's like theme music for murder scenes
like the colorado slayin - cause i don't give a fuck
speedin like we racin on the aqueduct
black tinted-out, government truck
curbside on niggaz, leanin just a little bit
trunk ?? with smoke, my bitch'll take a little hit
fake niggaz could be the best actors
my bullets whiz so fast you feel the windshield factors
in the wrong place you get your wig peeled backwards
get an ounce of the 'dro and steam a pack of blackwoods

Chorus: busta rhymes
Ready for busta rhymes
he's the one we've all, been waiting for, forever
(yeah, yeah, just feel what i feel niggaz!!)
ready for flipmode squad
(yeah, just reach up and just touch the sky niggaz!!)
they're the ones we've all, been waiting for, forever
(now, hah, yeah, i try so hard,
to just share that shit that i'm feelin!!)
ready for busta rhymes
(all my niggaz just talk to me!!)
he's the one we've all, been waiting for, forever
(so powerful!! flipmode squad now!!)
ready for flipmode squad
(yeah, new "rulership,"
all my niggaz just walk in line!!)
they're the ones we've all, been waiting for, forever
(walk in line with me!! talk to me now!!)
[busta rhymes]
we are now in the current state of the anarchy
we fight, to survive niggaz
we fight, to rule our own government
we livin in a current state, of no fuc*** government
niggaz don't even know how to follow they own spirit
lost niggaz..
unsure niggaz, insecure niggaz
fuck that! salute, all our motherfuc***!!
all my niggaz ready to hold it down on the front line!!
we survived it niggaz, two-thousand
time for the new bloodline to run shit
enjoy the album

Busta Rhymes





Busta Rhymes

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