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Angel Attack Traducida

Angel Attack

Late Saturday night, early Sunday morning
I woke up stretching and a-yawning
I got a visited by something out of this world
I wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl
It had wings had wings and things
And forgave my sins
I said "Hi!" - whatever, it was grieved
Was it all in my mind, but it seemed so real
Am I being tested against my will
'Cause sometimes people get tested that way
The evil will feast on easy pray
But I'm not a meal, you can't take me alive
For the good die young, only the strong survive.
Sailing under false colours
You can't fool me
Taking on a false name or identity
You can hide your real purpose but believe me do
Your mind's dense but I can see right through you
In life we all get tested
I think you picked the wrong fuckwit
From the outside looking in
You think you're fat, but you're kinda thin.
The joy of living high spirits carefree
Watch your back....
In case of an angel attack
A person or thing I'll distres
Avoid.... the prince of darkness
Was it all in my mind but it seemed so real
Is this how the feeling's supposed to feel?
The joys of living high spirits carefree
Watch your back.....
In case of angel attack.

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