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Osculum Obscenum Letra



Osculum Obscenum (Letra/Lyrics)

Osculum Obscenum!
Slowly... I taking few the ? to hear
I will... i will...
Waking up your fire... with hate.

That holy day
... figure
Black Soul
water into wine...

Osculum... Obscenum!
Satan... hear me!

Taking up her suffering
to give him
Take her spirit threw skin
? take you higher
I see her soul
? levitation

Rape her... in blood
Hail... Satanas!

Osculum... Obscenum
Osculum... Obscenum

Datos de Osculum Obscenum

OSCULUM OBSCENUM es una canción de Hypocrisy que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Osculum Obscenum. Agradecemos a silene696 por haber sudido la letra de Osculum Obscenum.