La Migra (cruza la frontera ll) en inglés


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Border Patrol (Crossing the Border II)

[Brujo:] ¿How much does that coyote want?
[Mexican:] Ten thousand pesos
[B:] For all
[M:] No, Boss, For each one
[B:] Fuc*** coyote thief, We have to f*** the idiot

Thieves "Coyotes" they f*** you with the bribery
Follow El Brujo I brought you for free
Bring your grandmother your aunt Elena

Fuc*** Chickens live for the bribery
Earn your pay and take your grandmother
Fuc*** Border Patrol is waiting for you
they brought you back with a beating

The border patrol found your grandmother in the desert
they order her to Tijuana bind to sticks
El Brujo has good contraband
Social Secure numbers and green cards

Border patrol Border patrol.
They hit you hard
Border patrol Border patrol
They kick your ass

The same border patrol let you pass for money
Some money buy all
Follow El Brujo I'll bring you to the north
Careful with this cut fence
Oh motherfuc***, here come's the truck
Go back fuc*** chickens here come's the border patrol
Carry your grandmother, run aunt
They've already crushed the slow one

The border patrol, the border patrol
they f*** the chickens
the border patrol, the border patrol
they catch you in the hole
the border patrol, the border patrol, the border patrol