Disco 'Preservation Act 2' (1974) al que pertenece la canción 'Announcement'


The Kinks


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Announcement 1 (track 1)

\"It has been rumored that a new People's Army has been formed by a certain
'Commander Black'. A few minor incidents have already been reported, and further
Unconfirmed reports suggest that this is a definite attempt to overthrow the
Present government which is led by Mr. Flash.

\"We would like to stress that these are only unconfirmed rumors, but we will
Of course bring you up-to-date news and information on these reports as they
Come in. Meanwhile we do urge the population not to panic and to remain calm
During the crisis.\"

Please stay tuned to this station for further bulletins.

Announcement 2 (track 5)

Announcer 1: \"In just a few moments, Mr. Black is due to address the people.
We are now going over to live coverage of his speech.\"

Announcer 2: \"Well the scenes here are absolutely indescribable. I've personally
Never seen anything like it before. A crowd of around, what, thirty-thousand people
Have been waiting all day for the arrival of Mr. Black and his entourage. And it is
Expected that one of the main topics of his speech this evening will be the controversial
Anti-(something) Corruption Bill, which Mr. Black wants brought into effect immediately
To put an end to the current widespread decline in public moral standards.

\"And, just a minute, there he is. I can see Mr. Black now. He's surrounded by, of
Course, all his bodyguards. (something) the crowd is growing wild with excitement --
It's clapping, it's cheering -- as Mr. Black finally makes his way on that far side
Onto the platform. And now -- yes, there he is -- he's about to speak.

Announcement 3 (track 11)
\"News has just reached you

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