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SINCERELY DISBELIEF es una canción de Clarity.


'Sincerely Disbelief'

Almighty lord, he said
straining to find his sight in the coming eve
my mistakes have left me
numb to all the things she said
i'm lying awake in a lonely bed
she crossed my heart, i hope she dies
and now to me it's only better lies
tear them i'll make no mistakes at all
I told you, don't let me down
how could you love us and punish us so?
we've made mistakes while you sat there and watched
what do you think about us now?
can't you see that without you
we'll never fade, never die, all i need to close my eyes
and you may find this is a trend
but you have seen your bitter end
Dear, my friends,
i've come to the end of my rope, and i know,
that most of you will never understand. there is no fate,
no magistrate, no god, not on this earth.
the crimes of men can prove this true and evermore,
i'll be outcast to the masses blinded by...
so here's goodbye,
And p.s. pass this letter on until your lives unwind.
don't let us face the light alone...
I don't think so.

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