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Gypsy woman calls me
Caution leads the way
Reads from a book of night and day
Words or endless stories
Crystals in her gaze
Shows me of a place inside a maze

Cities golden splendor
Only life surrender

Candles all around me
Mountains in the sky
This is the place where life's a lie
Wakes in mortuary
Gasping in the air
Wind breathes words - She's not there

Deserts vast and barren
Still the witches jargon
Promises of splendor
Just my life surrender

She's a gypsy

Blinding lights flash at me
Wake me from this dream
I can't believe this place is real
Fires in stormy weather
Silver shields the rain
Her grip so tight that my life drains

Nectar from the serpent
Poison messages sent
Psylocybin splendor
Never life surrender

She's a gypsy

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