She's Nirvana del álbum 'Kill the Sun'

She's Nirvana


'She's Nirvana' se estrenó en 2003. Este canción está incluida en el disco 'Kill the Sun'

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She's Nirvana Traducida

She's Nirvana

do you dare to taste her soul
do you like to trick control
did you think this world was real
realize this was the deal

she's ether fire - burns away all the dire
you will feel her touch for a while

do you see her through the waves
do you think it's her who saves
with a blink of radiant eye
would you really dare to try

she's like a fawn - just appears and then gone
what reamins will be just this one song

she's eternity behind her disguise
you have almost seen a world in her eyes
but you've known that it would never be born
she's flown away like a leave in a storm

she's bliss - she's ether - she's dark - she's nirvana

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* Letra añadida por Paulita..

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