Canción 'Cerdo' del disco '¿Dónde jugarán las niñas?' interpretada por Molotov

en inglés


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CERDO es una canción de Molotov que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco ¿Dónde jugarán las niñas?.

Cerdo (en inglés)

That mamarrano eats peanut requests pizarrín but it does not invite to his cuates,
in the school they nicknamed to him eats quesadillas eats melons without
to clear the seeds to them. that marranete obstructs in the toilet and each that
I see is a different photo, is watched in the mirror is put consternado
acquittal the playera is a tamale badly moored.
pig, you do not call pig to me (your pig moves)
The pastes piachen to him puts tallarines underneath their pillow you will find
tin larines, takes a walk by the corridors of the supermarkets eating
sandwiches that offer the employees to him, before traveling by each cheek
the driver of the bus the cobra like load, clears migajón to him to all
the bobbins later to keep it and to eat it of its pockets.
pig, you do not call pig to me (your pig moves)
In an occasion it had an encounter with the crazy person because while it took a walk
shout waist bachoco, because of memelas and of the rich pambazos this
pig bofarrón has two powerful arms to the crazy person lay down it with all his
huesitos by the average force that million give him and of gansitos nevertheless
he was happy, happy and very calm because it was continued eating sandwiches of
half kilo.
it likes submarines, like him small cuttlefish rolls, does agujeritos to them pa'
to put frijoles, mc to him trios of big mac, mc bacon trios mc, him
they take to his house ricolino dowry
pig, you do not call pig to me (your pig moves)

Agradecemos a romantic demon por haber sudido la letra de Cerdo en inglés de Molotov.

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