Calle 13

A limpiar sucio
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Calle 13


A limpiar sucio Letra

[ rythm ]

[ Choir: ]
Now I am going... to clean dirty the difficult one where I am (ehhehe)
Sight who I am resident street 13 sit back, relax and enjoy
[ x2 ]

Ok to the world we are going to make a row
The one that wants to me to throw that it teaches the armpits
Raise the arms
Hey! without occurring codazos
Take hold a stone and tirenme pedrazo
And they follow the sign of my milk
Because with this of street 13
There am clavadu like a 500 gevas in 2 months
Skinny, fat, dwarfed, twin. Siameses
If still the resident to you you do not convince it
He is so that you have the head cerra´, cuadra´ like a bucket
Or it can be that atravezau has a tube pol ass... uhh!
Or it can be that your brain not this preparau pa as much juice
As it loves you I push it
Without echarte fufu´ black magic
Without echarte wizard as it loves I push you pol ass
Remove to the funnel... uhhh!
Turgid by the straight direct nectar I inject
Your brain I stink out with the puñetero dialecto
I detest the insects
And with swing perfect to the liver I connect
I that jode to listen to you to me newspaper
And esque is not hit nothing but they are several
Whenever you listen to me in the radio
You jodo more than a mud in the lip
It is not my fault that I have but vocabulary
I pass rolo to you
Roller to roller blade
Your listening rap I Poisson and White Snake
And with to and that he kills it of one in my first brake
What you gonna, what you gonna what you gonna SAY?
Pa those that are shaking one's head here I bring Bengay to them
I generate this atrasau has delay
For that reason to be the king in this field day is a mamey

[ Choir ]

Here I have your plan of retirement
Cómprate one 9 millimeters and pégate a shot in the mouth
Pa that outside leaves toa the soup your sesos pa
We are going to stain the spring..
With calf blood pol to be so bad f***ing reporter
Your news articles are diarrea
For that reason these unmarried without fiancè. aww
It is obvious that your pa my you are a microbe
I am going to give an advice to you
Because you do not go to Giant Saturday to morirte with the old ones
With panty meao to derretirte in the chair with to and pellejo
And that with your death melts your complexes
I that I go pale hell
But I go with you
And it has down I am going to give pa to you down I am going to give punishment to you
So that to my also I like the old ones
Thus average assholes without talent
With a 0% of intelligent thoughts
Guilty of the embrutecimiento
Caused by commentd out without base and foundation
This song this arriving boredom on the brink of madness
So visitor loosen to the choir pa that takes the wind to it

[ Choir x2 ]

This is the only time that you are going to be famous
This disfrútalo is your moment
Ah and salt of closet your mai does not deserve that
Sure speech salt of closet
Although it does not seem I want much to you (kiss)
A little kiss (beso)x2 viejita a little kiss to the viejita (Little kisses

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