Letra de la canción

Unrelenting vengeance
On man for all his sins
Ruthless eradication
Duty of reckoning to begin
The human race is a cancer
Fueled by power and lust
Punishment is the answer
And payment is your blood

Death and destruction
Hellish cries are the sound
Headlong into hell
Retribution is now
Inflict the suffering
Let the punishment fit the crime
I belong to vengeance
And vengeance is mine

Choking out the life
Of every living thing
History repeats itslef
World brought down by greed
Prostitute the truth
Stealing from the blind
Arrogant indifference
The raping of manking

Repeat chorus

Killing just for profit
And weeding out the weak
Ruling with an iron fist
The cure for the disease
Driven by the madness
Driven by the greed
Infected by a cancer
Lust and debauchery

Repeat chorus

Letra añadida por: creed_one (#459)

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