Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album) de No I.D.

The Real Weight Letra

No I.D.


'The Real Weight'

Hey gang let me show you something.
It's the hottest thing and it's on it's
Way to the top. Step up front you dig? Get down.

No what I'm sayin'? It's all natural. It's all natural.
Keep it on the brain (brain). Don't make it hard to maintain.

You can only see material things without perception
So why try to shine for blind man impressions
Get you stressin' much left for manifestin'
I'm Dug Infinite forever with direction

Now as I travel (universal) state to state on chrome tape (whooa)
Record stores pay the frate for weight
My form and shape is shapeless
Want to comprehend it take this

You know me like you know what your fate is
Process invisible results is visual
Attack and I hit your pressure points is critical
Attract all things inside my presence

Then let the esoteric essence give off light like a cresent
Boom with the seeds our plants start to bloom
Like butterflies manifest themselves from cocoons
Victory is by no mistake me and my man NO I.D.

Penetrate and carry real weight

Invisible forces control all you see
Good life and luxury comes naturally
It's the real weight
I'm Dug Infinite, my name is NO I.D.
I'm Dug Infinite, my name is NO I.D.

Hum hum hum huuuummmm and oh Lord. From the ghetto.
From a one hundred thousand dollar house that ghetto
Hummmmmm Lord
You don't need to listen no more.

Throw the mass on the scale first get a calibration
Manifest math to begin calculation
How many lines does it take to stimulation
How many DREAMS fade away while you're chasin'

Lap after lap on track after track
It is what it is and that's actual fact
So why try and keep it real? Uh it's real
Grass don't try to grow clouds don't try to snow

Yo I'm boxin' out with a strong elbow
Free weight exchange and then out the back do'
I'm never letting presidents take presence
I'm an eye witness and I got the evidence

You want to be rich so you don't see the relevance
Antidote to a nigga is the intelligence
Yo I'm fishing with the bait
Me and my man Dug Infinite got the real weight