Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album) de No I.D.

Two Steps Behind Letra

No I.D.


'Two Steps Behind'

featuring Dug Infinite Syndicate

[Syn] Yeah

[Dug] Yeah

[Syn] Uhh uhh

[Dug] Yeah that's that shit right there

[Syn] We gon' have fun with this one hehe

[Dug] That shit right there

[Syn] That's what I'm talkin about c'mon ahh yeah ahh

Put your hands to ge ther always be two steps behind c'mon

Ha ha! Yeah they always be two steps behind

[No I.D.]

I got some niggaz in my way that's tryin to fuck my shit up

Crabs in the bottle of the barrel tryin to get up

You can't hold me down, can't cock block the crown, get the

fuck out my way nigga, we cover ground that's infinite

I press the weight to get gainage

I'm flushin out your wack ass shit like drainage

A thousand mo' beats like this so get looted

I got niggaz under the gun and they shoot it


Uhh, uhh, say shoot it

Aiyyo, I make fresh rhymes, daily

You burn me? (You silly girl)

Hahaha, but really I'm nearly the best and the rest are just the average

Who knew that when I uttered a word, it would be tragic

Madness, inadequate ass-kicks

Tactics, my shit's everlasting

Leaving a body casting so you can hold composure

I told ya, I gets more exposure than Motorola

It's over, y'all niggaz on some out of mind shit

So I guess I'm on some out of time shit

[Dug Infinite]

But wait a minute, I gotta get some shit off my chest

Well my soul called in and it had a request

It said, 'Bullshit niggaz think they're, gettin away

But we tallyin your tab, bullshit gotta pay' (it gotta pay)

It's equality, nigga it ain't nuttin nice

Catch you on a cold day and give you nuttin but ice

Crushed ice, rush dis, what da fuck is dis?

You couldn't have a thousand hands and you couldn't touch this

It's that heat nigga, I come to burn up the shit

Let it burn to the ground, put it out with my spit

Ashes to ashes, yo dust to dust

Yo you standin in the way you gettin crushed (crushed nigga)

\"Cause we write the records that be rockin every time

The ones that chase us be like two steps behind\" --\u003e KRS-One

(repeat 4X)

[Dug Infinite]

Yo you could take it personal, I take it any way I can

Cause I'm versatile, when I be crashin up your plan

You want to battle? Oh you an MC, then where your beats at?

A carpenter, always got tools, at least a chief's hat (hahaha)

Uhh, yeah yeah, I know you got got no cash nigga

Put me in, that position, I'll be the last nigga

Never starvin artist, I never work the hardest

I always work the smartest better hope you ain't my target (nigga)

When I aim, I blow shit up, ask Martino

Keep a killer on my team, like Casino

It's Dug Infinite with No I.D. and Syndicate...

Hot damn hoe, it's gon' be some shit


Cause I'm your idol, the highest title, numero uno

Niggaz wish to test me like the ?

Try, but you know that I'm that cocoa, butta brown sister

Kickin up mo' dust than the flusher weighed in Twister

Here to shake the rich I remember when I was younger

what I would be when I grew up is what I wondered

Now you're plundered under, this younger world wonder

Chills, to your soul in the summer

[Dug Infinite]

Now I be tryin to be cool, plus tryin to stay humble

But niggaz take humble like it mean I don't rumble

When I come for your shit, you gon' need more than aid

Cause I'ma invade, like a fuckin renegade (nigga)

You don't like me when I'm angry, cause I attack strangely

Hittin you from miles away, that's how my range be

I'm on solid ground, that you ain't gotta wonder

You on butter nigga when they heat up you sinkin under (whooh!)

See, you don't walk out on me, nigga you crazy

Your shit ain't real, it's a Fugazi

\"Cause we write the records that be rockin everytime

The ones that chase us be like two steps behind\" --\u003e KRS-One

(repeat to end)


It's a Fugazi! Hahaha, yo' shit's a Fugazi, hahaha

Yaknahmsayin? Niggaz stay two steps behind

Yo' shit ain't real it's two steps behind nigga

Remember that, two steps behind, uhh, yeah, uhh

Syndicate, No I.D., Dug Infinite

on some next shit, yeah

[Dug Infinite]

Know they got to admit..

Straight up, straight up


That's right