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wel-come to atomica/ where everybody’s free/ worlds have all blown up, and people fallen to their knees /wel-come to atomica/ where things cant get much better, cant get much better, better than this..
[verse 1]
as i sit in on the ground were everything is blow up and gone / i wonder to my self, where has this world gone to/ rappers fight with punk bands in song lyrics they wright/
its like this worlds all gone to hell and all the normal people are out of sight, of the industries / theres no reason to cry, even though you'll never be good enough no matter how hard you try/ cause in the land of atomica only the famous people get anything/ and if any normal person trys to get up to be anything/ they get beat back to there own ground, where the belong, cause normal people cant sing/in atomica theres only one tree to swing (wweee)/ kids, kids come gather around and listen to want the rapper has to say/ “yoyo ive been fuckin' kids minds up till this day!!”(yeah!!)
wel-come to atomica/ where every bodys free/ where song writers get along and no one is mean/wel-come to atomica/ were no one hates nobody and every one knows me
[verse 2]
why do famous people fight why cant we all get along / what makes you soo powerful to prove some one wrong/ i was once told every thing falls in certain ways/ and that ill never be right, no matter what i say/ to the untrained eye atomic might not seem to tuff/ but in real atomica,.. in life, you'll never get enough/ [kid]"i dont like this place mommy, everyones mean/ and look at the sky, its not blue anymore, it looks kinda green”/ see, look what we did, we scared them all shitless/ is another part of your fuckin’ scam or is it just a fetish../
wel-come to atomica/ where not every bodys free/ where we all look up to strangers but don’t you look up at me /wel-come to atomica/ were it’s the most hardcore place in the world and everyone wants to flee..
[verse 3]
wait!, its not my time to go yet!! / sit down kids i stil have things to explain(yey)/ like why the sky leaks acid rain/ and then the rain goes into your eyes making you blind , then eventually making you go insane/ where were putting all of are selfs, all of are selfs in vain/ and why theres no clouds in this place/("nope nope, no clouds in dis place")/…now see what it feels like when things are unclear/ this needs to be stopped so that theres nothing to fear/ except when your son crash a car and his seat belt breaks, and he dies/ and your like “it wasn’t his seat belts fault, it was cause he drinks and drives (what lies)/ but were all going to die sooner or later anyway/ so live your life to the fullest and just hope you survive the another day..
a gangsters paradise is looking pretty nice today
i said, a gangsters paradise is looking pretty nice today
i said, a gangsters paradise is looking pretty nice today
a gangsters paradise is looking pretty nice today
[fade] i said, a gangsters paradise is looking pretty nice today
i said, a gangsters paradise is looking pretty nice today



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