New Uranium Kandy

-wha wha wha whats crackin
-whats crakin?what the f***,what are you suppose to be on gangstas , damnit gangstas i hate you, cant you leave, go, oh well.. check this out though..
[verse 1]
i was driving down the street riding shit ass 88 ...till it was stolen/ gangsters knock out my teef *cough cough* teeth now there golden/ even though they beat me up plenty of times/ i stil find enjoyment making gangster ryhmes/ and by the time this gets out and by the i hit big (no you wont!)/ ill have made enough money and get protection from this sig/ ive been afraid of gangsters since way back when/ and when i finally get killed by them,.. ill get up the next and do it all over agian
gang-st-ers are not my friend (hehe)/
i've been gangster hatin' since i was ten(thats me).../
if you see a gangster kill it right away[bang bang]../
shot the gangster dead and make his blood spray../
[verse 2]
i use to think i was a gangster cause i got stab by a knife/ i told my friends i died, as a matter a fact i died twice(what?)/ now i just made myself look like a dumbass shit/ no wonder why i get beat up by those gangster spiks/ but it just so happens that is never got stabed(we knew that)/ it all took place in a crazy gangster dream i had/ well anyway im glad im not a gangster they do lots of drugs(no way)/ i like my k swiss i don't want to wear lugs but id make a good wangster
gang-st-ers are not my friend (hehe)/
i've been gangster hatin' since i was ten(thats me).../
if you want to live dont mess with a gangster/
come mess with me cause im a wangster(your a punk!)/ whatever..
[verse 3]
now in the future gangsters will be gone/ im not a gangster and my songs are the bomb(ppshh)/i want my 88 back that shit was an oldsmoible / ill find a new gun be all gangsters reveal/ then ill take all the gansters and…uhh give them kandy...[everyting stops, few seconds of silence]..(you idiot)/oh well, i don't give a f*** man i don't care/ take all your gangster guns and fire them off in the air[bang bang bang]/ i don't listen to no one that's why ill become the new world leader/ george bush? f*** him i don't listen to him either/ if i hadn't said enough ill make another gangster song/ but til then gangsters suck and don't get it wrong..(hahahah)...[fade]>i love gangsters...not hahahaa(hahaha)


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