New Uranium Kandy

-hello people, before we get another miss led confusing song, you might want to take a second and sit down and listen to this, so take some time at of your not-so-busy-schedule and pay attention..
[verse 1]
lots of things piss me off/ like when a dude writes a song about his girl friend that doesnt like him, dude you lost/ "oh my god i lost my girl, who is there to blame"/ i dont kno about you, but to the rest of us its lame/ punk, rap.. anything, there all becoming the same/ songs about how great life is, and other about how unfair/ so what are we really interested in these day, lets all think and stare/ soo were getting bored with rap and killin' are selfs over punk/ deffintly don't like country no one wants to listen to junk..
its those things that pisses me off/
its that thing that really seams wrong/
why are we so retarded these days/
kids should make songs, til they kno whats not gay..

[verse 2]
yesterday listened to a song and it moved me thoroughly / so much life experience, how old could this girl be?/ after the song there braging about the deep impression made by a 13 year old girl/ 13 fuc*** years old?!?, she doesn't even kno what its like to be in this world/ she has no idea how bad it can be/ all she know is she has a 20 year old boyfriend and she loves him(hehe)/ on the other hand rapper walk around all hardcore, actin' like life sucks and everyone hates them/ then they walk around with some tramp girl sayin "oh my life would be nothin' with out her"/ well i guess not cause all im hearin' is "what the f***, life sucks, i just want to get out of hurrr/ bitches and hoes and cant stand dem no moe"/ yeah that makes sense let me try, no boe you hobo, yeah!!!..
its those things that pisses me off/
its that thing that really seams wrong/
cause its just those things that piss me off/
id rather choke and chough..
[verse 3]
boy bands are a bunch of bullshit these days, well they always were / running around dancing, sounding like girls, high off life ferrys/ im not trying to say music is bad/ im just say some singers need to leave, your making the music industry look really sad/ the people that really need to leave are a select few/ but don't you worry make sure there gone i got a mac 10 and a p99 too
-no you dont
-yeah,..i do..
its that thing that pisses me off/
its that thing that really seams wrong/
yeah wrong pisses me off/ real bad/
its not right, wrong!, im pissed ahhhhh
...[whispered] no im not really pissed

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