Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

The Spirit Of Christmas

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


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Christmas time comes but only once a year.
Reminding everybody that they should be of good cheer.
Families gather by the tree and sing,
About the happiness and brotherhood the season brings.

There's twinkling lights and mistletoes and
carolers to hear.
The world around you fills with smiles this
special time ofyear.

Oh, you can't stop the spirit of Christmas.
Because it touches everything you can see.
You can't stop the spirit of Christmas.
For that spirit lives inside you can me...
Inside you can me.
Christmas trees sparkle in the firelight,
And leaves you feeling everything is gonna be alright.
It's not about getting presents Christmas Day.
For giving, not receiving, is the Christmas way.

The bells ring out a song of peace and joy
that never ends.
For us to sing out hand in hand with family
and friends.


The spirit of Christmas

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