Can Hold Us Donw - Letra


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Intro:daddy rings:
this one is real
yo, a daddy rings gentleman and barrington levy
babylon a watch we round the clock
wondering when we gonna launch and attack
no powers gonna hold us down
not even dem peagon sound
no powers gonna hold us down
you´ll never see we wearing a frown(repeat)
Verse 1 gentleman:
i´ve been chanting jah powers from morning
truths and rights i man keep performing
i hear the babylon bell how it alarming
dem see a righteous ghetto youth and ready fi swarm him
Verse 1 daddy rings:
dem shoulda overstand the power wha jah storm bring
when it blow the whole a dem hafi go calm king
long time we did a issue ´bout the warning
we ago hold lucifer and disarm him
Verse 1 barrington levy:
i know jah will always be there
and i know he is everywhere
without jah where would i be
and he is the one for me you see
Verse 2 daddy rings:
dem think we fool but we tell dem seh we not
caan make no wulf come invate the flag
nuh get caught ina no buubie trap
i and i royal natty dreadlock
Verse 2 barrington levy:
well as the sun shine and the wind blow
that´s how i know that´s how i know
i take a look through my window
that´s how i know that´s how i know
Verse 2 gentleman:
if you nuh know the truth yourself you are decieving
trumpet a sound
and i man is leaving
higher ground that is where i am going
too bless to stress can´t stop me from growing

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