Canción 'Awaken The Giant' del disco 'Elements, Part 2' interpretada por Stratovarius

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AWAKEN THE GIANT es una canción de Stratovarius del año 2003, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Elements, Part 2.


'Awaken The Giant'

I'm staring at the wall
Sick and tired of all
Manic depression makes me crawl
It makes me small
I need some peace of mind
The prssure makes me blind
The labyrinth of pain,
The exit I must find
It's all inside of me,
The answers lie within
And all that I can win
I take for myself
I'm the one who holds the key
To all that I can be
My spirit yearns for truth,
It's learning to be free

Through the years
I was doing things the wrong way
But now I've changed
It is time to say

Awaken the giant
Don't let it sleep
Awaken the giant
Look deep within

I won't give up the fight
Until I see the light
I won't give in
To the gloominess of life
The end is in my sight
In the middle of darkest night
I see my future's bright
I'm reaching for new heights