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Baby Hold Me Close

Jerry Lee Lewis


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Now listen here, baby
To what old Jerry Lee has to say
'Cause, baby, Jerry don't talk this nonsense to everyone
I want you to get out on this dance floor with me now
And now hold me close

Baby, hold me close
In a tumbled move
Baby, you move too
Baby, you move me, girl
Oh, hold me close

Mmm, baby, hold me close
Don't you move your feet
Just a-move it slow, baby
To that old rockin' beat
And don't you say a word
Mmm, honey, just, just hold me close

Oh, baby, hold me close
Dance the night away
Honey, I want you to just breathe a little deep
Ahhh, you know what to say
Mmmm, when the band is gone
Honey, we can still rock on

Easy now, honey hold me close
Honey, hold me tight
Squeeze old Jerry Lee
All through the doggone night
Oh, you know what I mean, honey
I can't stand much of this
I might go plumb crazy

Easy now, rrrrrrr!
Uh huh huh!

Oh, you look so doggone good, baby
You turn me up and I don't mean maybe
Ah hah! Oh honey, come on now
Let's go one time

Oh baby, shake that thing
Hold me tight
I want you to hold me a little bit tighter, baby
All through the night
I can't stand much of this, baby
Oh! I might go plumb crazy now, darlin'

Oh! Hold me close
That's the way, baby
Oh! ain't that the oldest beat in the world, darlin'

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