New Uranium Kandy

Letra de la canción

now!!, were all told, day to day to just walk away/ walk away from people we don’t kno and all kinds of things / but some times we dont all ways know when to walk away/ soo ill explain it... in a simpler way,
now if you with your friends, and want to kill things/ or worse, kill people or break windows of cars/ or enough, to get you in jail, yeah you wont get far,
Kids, if you see trouble
just walk away ...
things you shouldn’t do, just walk away (yeah!)..
just walk away...
cause you should just walk away,
[verse 2]
now if your at a playground, and some one gets hurt/ you kno to walk away, cause you'll probably get blamed for it anyway
Sooo, if some one gets hurt, and you dont kno what to do
just walk away ...
it doesn’t hurt, just walk away (yeah!)...
just walk away
cause you should just walk away,
[verse 3]
now kids, if weird person comes up you and you dont kno them, and then they offer you candy, “what should i do?”
Kids, my brothers and sisters, if some one offers you candy, what do you do?!?..
just take the candy...
yeah, just take the candy
yeah!, just take the fuc*** kandy!!..
[whispered] just take the candy..
cause its new uranium kandy!!.....
thank you boys and girls
have a great night and a better life

fuente: musica.com

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