Who said that my party was all over,huh,huh
I am in a pretty good shape,
The best years of my life are like a super nova,
Huh,huh,perpetual craze,i said that
Everybody drank my wine-you get my drift
And we took a holiday on khashoggis ship-well
We really had a good good time they was all so sexy
We was bad we was blitzed all in all it was a pretty good trip

This big bad sucker with a fist as big as your head
Wanted to get me,i said go away
I said kiss my ass honey
He pulled out a gun wanted to arrest me
I said uh uh babe
Now listen no-one stops my party
No-one no-one no-one stops my party
Just like i said
We were phased we was pissed
Just having a total eclipse

This one is on me so let us do it just right
This here one party dont get started untill midnight

Party to the left-pary to the right
No-one stops my ..............



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