Canción 'Reaching Dreams' interpretada por Pont Aeri

Reaching Dreams Letra

Pont Aeri

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REACHING DREAMS es una canción de Pont Aeri.

Letra 'Reaching Dreams'

Reaching dreams
My future , my life
My future , my life
My future , my life
My future , my life

Life is dream so real
You oh should be here
Cause i have to leave
When the body is taking me
Something strange by inside of me
Think it's only the beginning
You and mind are stand alone
We can feel we're live
In their arm

Po n t a e r i

Welcome to the place of
Pont aeri

I'm reaching dreams
Some i can feel in fantasy
We believe
Now it is on your memory
We'll have all i can feel
The only shine inside of me
The melod'you could never see
Just think in history

My future , my life

Feeling music in hand kick
Now the dj make sure real
Find a reason to your dream
That your spirit shall be here

Reaching dreams
We believe
Reaching dreams
We believe
Reaching dreams

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