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Best Thing You Ever Had


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'Best Thing You Ever Had'

(yeah, blues!)
I won't ask where you're going
If you don't ask where I've been
'cause if you're looking for an answer, babe
I wouldn't know where to begin.

I don't know what I want sometimes
But I sure know what I likes
You've got that thing about you
Gets me hot inside

If it makes no sense when I wrote this song
Cause half way through it you were turning me on

[Chorus #1:]
Lay me down
I just might be your kind
I'll show you a better way
We can do away the time
If you stop looking so hard
I think you just might find
I ain't finding it so bad
Might be the best thing you ever had

You know a little 'bout love and
I know a lot about hate
I believe you gotta make things happen
You believe in fate

But this won't be the first time that
We didn't see eye to eye
You may not be religious but I'll make you see god
If you give me a try

I know love can get me through it
If you give me that look we'll get down to it

Chorus #2:]
Don't shoot me down
I'm not a social disease
You've got that thing about you
Bring a grown man to his knees
I'll teach you baby
'bout them birds and them bees
When you get around
And think about it ain't so bad
Might be the best thing you ever had
Best thing I ever had

Ah, give me some of that!

When I put out the dog
Ya get them old ghosts out of bed.....
I ain't looking for a little to say
Baby some place to lay my head

I'm the one to right your wrong
If you give me a chance and I'll turn you on

[Chorus number one]
[Chorus number two]

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