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Today it(he,she) did not want to speak with anybody,
It(He,She) came from the street badly,
Today I come a bit afterwards(later),
Nobody spent(passed) it to search,
It(He,She) shut in itself alone in his(her,your) quarter(room),
And at the moment of having dinner,
The dinner cooled in his(her,your) plate
And I listen to someone to cry,
Leave her that it(he,she) cries alone,
Leave her with his(her,your) sorrow(sentence),
Nobody mas that she(it) is going to be able to treat,
The whole sadness that the love gives him
Leave her that this suffering,
Someone does not want it any more
To his(her,your) age it is so common to cry,
To a love when it(he,she) goes away, Source(Fountain)


Letra añadida por: $big boss$ (#10.342)

Calle 13
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