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Hey boss, are you listening to this? I'm tired of breaking my back
to make you rich
Yeah, hey boss, it doesn't make much sense why I give all my time to
barely pay the rent
Hey boss, I'm tired of rivers of shit that's flowing from your lips
I'm really sick of it
Hey boss, I'm not an idiot
My pay's too weak to deal with this
Yeah, I'm going to punch the clock one day one day and I'll punch
you too, I'm going to make you pay
I was looking for a job when I found this one
I'd gladly murder you but I don't own a gun
Hey boss, you're getting fat as a tick
See my skinny ribs, I'm getting as thin as a pin
Hey boss, I've got a nervous twitch
I'm like a volatile bottle of nitro glycerine
You're going to go to bed one night and I'll slash your throat
by the pale moonlight
So watch your back
You'd rather swim with sharks
When I'm through with, you won't live to scar

You pay me shit
Payback's a bitch
I've got to quit before I snap again
You pay me shit
Payback's a bitch
I've got to quit before I kill again

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