Canción 'Hold me in your arms' interpretada por Pont Aeri

Hold me in your arms
en inglés

Pont Aeri

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HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS es una canción de Pont Aeri.

Hold me in your arms (en inglés)

In the night you're tired
and the world is destroying your heart.
Yes you wanna be lonely
but the night is holding you in her arms

Across the streets and the lights
you look like the spirit of the sun.
Because the magic is here
and the power is taking your eyes

You're my friend,
I'm here
waiting you ever again

You're my heart,
I'm waiting,
If you wanna hapiness

Hold me in your arms,
I wanna fly direct to your heart
Dont tell me lies,
throw your spirit and possess your mind

Hold me in your arms,
the night is waiting here in your arms.
Forget the loneliness
and come to the world of dance

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