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[Mr. Lil One]
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Lil One, GHP, Traveiso
CLMT, hehe you know this
Try to take me for mine, but I'ma take you for yours
And I'ma tell these mothafuckas you's a bitch and a whore
Try to blemish my name, well I'm do you the same
And I'ma bring all the pain, til you're feelin the same
Better knock on some wood, I'ma boy in the hood
I never thought that you would, but always knew that you could
You never rat on your friends, you never rat on your foes
You never trust in a bitch, you never trust in a hoe
Drive around in my car, while I'm drunk at the bar
Tellin all these mothafuckas I'ma wanna be star
Baby Baby slow down, I might be comin around
And before you even know it hear a pop and a sound
Hear a pop in your ear, give it all but a year
Couple kegs of beer, bring your death's up in here
See I'm sick in the mind, I love the way that I'm paid
I remember all the freaky little noises you made
See I'm Lil Uno, still sippin Bruno
And every where that I go, got a whole bunch of hoes
Got a whole lot of tricks that be all on my dick
And what ever you think I really don't give a shit

[Chorus: Mr. Lil One (Trav)]
Let us, let you know (Know what)
How we do this here (Where at)
In Dago (That's right)
In Dago

Bring them skills pack them bills
Bustin raps and dope deals
Flock of hoes in high heels
Fellows always drinkin beer
The one comin out
Knowin what I'm about
Bringin flow from the soul
Spittin game, f*** the fame
Fellows out tryin to bang
Drop the slang but maintain
Slow your mothafuc*** roll man
Cause people like you and people like me
Could never be the same, gives a f*** what you claim
Thought you were sick in the brain it's theTrav for the game
Makin hoes scream my name
Rub em up, dig em out
F*** me up, kick em out
Leave hoes to shame
It's the Trav biatch, always up to no good
Since growin up in the hood
Always end up in wood
Never knew that you would
Doubted Scout from the south


[Mr. Lil One]
Well I'ma break it all down
Another verse and I'm out
You walk around wit a frown
Now tell me where you at you now
How does it feel to be down
How does it feel to be broke
Hear my name all around
How I bet that you choke
Hang around wit them fools that be all on my nuts
Love the way that I laugh when I call you a slut
Now you better be wise in the choices you make
You's a bitch and a rat, you belong wit the snakes
Call me up on the phone actin stupid and dumb
Tell me it'll be on if I don't give you some fun
Now you better beware, you better think I'ma stare
No I'm not that mothafucka you wanna take there
Let the evil begin and let the wicked begin
Ain't no need to f*** around, play the role and pretend
So where ever you are, got a permanent scar
Cause the mothafuc*** Lil knows who you really are