Mascota de

Enemiez Fallin

Lil One


It's the Lil One, Lil One
Sick em, stick me
Lil One, Lil One
Theif and robbin
Lil One, Lil One
Sick em, stick em
Lil One Lil One
Enemiez fallin

[Mr. Lil One]
Well a vandle of mischief comin in glidin
All in your district enemiez hidin
Avoidin any type of collission
Wishin forever, I'm no where in your vision
Sinnin, murder, slaughter, arson
Causin fire in your coffin punk
Flamin, explainin to the reeper
Beggin for a reason not to keep ya
I'm stuck in the land of lost
Rememberin what should of never been disrespected
Sluts manifested, now you're hearts rested fool
You should of never tested
Now you stare at a man that's dead
With a cape in the neck and horns in the head
And no one around to assist you, will ya
Vato I'ma kill ya, sounds familar
Thought you were down for the murder
Phony, a buck to your dome and a buck to your homie
F*** in a gat if you know your won't blast
Light this match and blow away your ashes


[Mr. Lil One]
Doomsday, I'm back for the pay it's a smoker
A bullet pocker, taken over
Better break wide for the rifle
Layin on my shoulder, I told ya
Now I got the march of the soldier
Piss ya, diss, chop you up and sniff ya
To the death may the hearts be witcha
So now, you know about my rep
You feel you wanna step
Then you're gonna owe a debt
That's priceless, before the sun rises
Slices, to your neck
You wore numbers like dices
I'm in effect if you get hetic
Show you to the exit
Your family effected, claimin
Blamin the Lil One is slayin
Prayin, sayin that you'll be stayin
Up in a box but I'm from the hard knocks
You walk through my blocks
You gotta meet the glocks

[Audio from a movie]
Tell me something my fried
Have you ever danced with the devil
In Life, I just like the sound of it

[Mr. Lil One]
Never again will you wonder
How it'll be when you die


[Mr. Lil One]
So never run those lips
If you not knowin about this
All you doin is puttin your life
Where your mouth is
A reminder
Murder has no tongue
But it speaks for itself
Ha Ha Ha

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