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Dedication - Letra

Lil One

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Yea I want to dedicated this one to my mother
May she rested in peace forever with me
Yeah I'll always love you forever in my heart

Dedication going out, to my mother one only
Mother when you hold me, I fell it coming on me
How can I began, what I never though gonna end
It was me and you alone, to the end now I spend
Most of my time, as you ran up in my mind
Tryna to figure out what the drama all about, how can I explain
All this pain that I felt, when you left me all alone
Crazy thoughts up in my dome
No one was the first, and I know I'm not the last
But you were in the hurst, when I learned about the past
I know how they betrayed, and I know how they lied
From here they got it paid, because of you I'm here alive
Driving me insane, not to mention any names
I catch him on the bound, I know they're all are the same
The greatest of pretenders, the ending of September
Forgive em I will not, I want them, now remember

How can I forget, those I know that I wont forgive
How did you expected me to live, when I know I wont give
And this fiest to these ones, that betrayed you
I'm the one that felt the pain when we laid you

I got my lil sister, and I got through my brothers
We looking at on other, cause be thinking about the other
Cought up in the pity, couldn't make it to the wait
Cause some ho break the rules, now we servin for the state
What a thing to lose, why you sitting in the blues
Put yourself up in his shoes, how we felt to hear the news
I guess I never know, but I send him all my love, a picture in his hand
As I'm throwing on the white glove, and I know that my bro
And his soul, was right with us, cause I felt it in my guts
Never run my life, did I think, would get the nife, in the back by your own
How they left as all alone, then neglected then shot us to the left
The they came around, when they heard about the death
But no I'm not the one, I'm the Evil Third Son
I'm Mr. Lil One, ain't no stoppin 'til I'm done


Now props to my mother
And I see you when I gone
You told me alone, that one day I'll be the bomb
So right before I step, let me give all the respect
In the world to my mother, my sister and my three brothers
And my lil baby girl, you my world forever be the dad
that I never in my life had, but I guess I never needed him
cause even as a lil kid I had already defeating him,
I was born and they left me all alone
Couldn't even find the motherfuc*** quarter for the phone
But no excuse see, she at ta be ashamed
Cause only in the name, could we ever be the same
So I remain in a hostal kind of mode
Many corches that I hold,to help keep my blood ice cold
I explode to the next episode motherfuck him and his drama
This ones for my mama