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Lil One


[Mr. Lil One]
I show up in the room, wit a witch and a broom
Mothafuckas know how I do it when I show
Blowin up houses showin up like mouses
Leavin fuc*** holes in wall til they fall
Callin up the 5-0 snitchin on the wyno
You dont wanna f*** wit these mothafuckas I know
Gasoline matches sleepin in the matress
Give your bitch your matches, boom you're ashes
Sleepin in the gutter, what about your service
Nobodys around him, they say I make em nervous
Run for eternal, salute me like a Cornnel
Never could escape all the flames from the lake
Now you got a widow, broke without a nickle
Askin me Little, can you be my sicko
Burnin up my bridges, make your turn religous
Tell my ni*** Easy to holla when he sees me

I have a feelin, I think it's gonna mean
A whole lot of killin, when you fuc*** wit me
You have a feelin, think you better run
Tell me who the villain, Mr. Lil One

[Mr. Lil One]
I went up in your pad, on your mother and your dad
Had to tie em up, had a ni*** fired up
I think I need a change, I've been chillin in the range
Time to loosin up, grab my shit and juice em up
Fuc*** wit the ghetto, we got a score to settle
When ever we face, but your pedal to the medal
Pray for your life, I'm like O.J. wit a knife
I beat it cause I cheated, bitch I'm undefeated
66 and 0, and got 6 to go
Lick up on the dick when I pick another hoe
Show no remoarse, ofcourse you're a corpse
When ever we bump in the forest like Gump
See me in the Omen, beenie on my dome and
Since I was a child, drivin mothafuckas wild
Obsessive, possesive, and never have I rested
Demon in my soul, now wont you come and test it


[Mr. Lil One]
Cat behind my back, grab your gat it's all good
Eventually it'll get to me, creep up in your hood
Danger I'ma stranger, dress up like a homeless
Activate dissaster, find your body domeless
From the neck down, what went down
Thought about your homies, I think they let your down
That's insecurities fuc*** wit maturity
Thought about a foe, sick then it occured to me
He heard of me, he chose to be a starter
Fatal your mistake, never take me from my daughter
Use your imagination, premeditation
Execute you mother and your whole generation
Give you all the chills, make you pop pills
Piss up on your jeans, see me in your dreams
Prepared to be, scared of me, Satan can't compare to me
Come to my legacy, my daughters right next to me


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