Disco 'Soundtrack for a Suicide - Opus II' (2007) al que pertenece la canción 'Hear My Voice... Kill Yourself'

Hear My Voice... Kill Yourself

Nocturnal Depression


Hear My Voice... Kill Yourself Letra

Hear my voice into your head, don't try to stop it
The poison streaming into your veins is me

The cold you can feel is my revenge
You're just a scum, a creeping filth, you inspire hate

Take this poisoned blade or are you
So c**t that you can't end your life?

Everyone has the right to kill himself
Families and friends are only excuses
It's stupid to say, I want to die
When you don't have the courage to kill yourself

I watch your blood flowing to my feet
I smile watching you creeping like the worm you are

And your eyes are watching me asking for help
The only thing you'll receive will be my foot on your face

These blades are tearing me and killing me
Your hand try to reach me asking for help

So fuc*** sad human are you enjoying it?
Hear my voice and fuc*** kill yourself now

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