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Date por aludida (en inglés)

Why can not I just understand that?
The mirror gives you back an image that is going away
The sky no longer hear your voice
It is a memory in your memory that faded long ago
Why do you keep praying to God?
If this feeling that existed between the two died
accept it, is finished, and my heart ached in vain
fix it too late telling you goodbye

And it is that I do not care what you tell it to my back
if you are another but with much more expensive than back
and you what why do not you insult me?
if you have not yet passed aunt is not my fault

Support of all phone, your bad manners
I swallow your lies, we all have dirty laundry
MUERETE a fuc*** let me go and you stay perfectly calm
and now I come to my calling your revenge?

Bah .. sit and cry and think
if you stop to think I give more than a thousand kicks as a person
stayed as the victim and I was the bad of the story
thanks for being so, for I could open my eyes on weather

Handle with false stories that never came
for fear of what others may think, better deny our past
that no one relates to me
but if you rap is my .. remember? I do not forget

Manipulate whoever you want now that you can
in a couple of months it will not help you to show off for being you
and no memory affect, or the routes of the trains
but I went back to join those who now have

You treated me like a toy, and I do not
the truth is that I tire of you to treat me so bad
your cries, your insults the know you and me and god
I just returned the favor with a goodbye

About damage, and do not know what happens for you
I'm glad that I never had a happy ending
I gave everything and do not ever say otherwise
your account your version and your imaginary facts

You left me no how many times in a year
play with the feelings as you did if it hurts
and now tell me, correct me if i am wrong
nothing that we both did is no crime

Perhaps I was too good and so you pay me?
at least learn to recognize your mistakes when the shit
clear that after leaving fool around with other girls tia
I did nothing wrong, you no longer belonged

I was threatened with what not to
say you love me?
distorted all though I thought you
it accounts for everything in your way?
that no one will change that image of good girl

But it's yours to spend
You were the first to threaten suicide
Put whoever you want against me, I'll finally break down just like me
after all the shit you've dropped this is just

I have quiet too and there are things that no dire
foul play not with personal things that I also was
now if you want to make the replica,
what happened is that as a former girlfriend quedaras hysterical

All this came back for not wanting you?
was you who said that if we were not dating, not friends
lowering yourself to my level you, brat?
never reach it and gave you all you needed promo
true that if interested mia?
Why not leave and acting like a baby?

You swore to ruin my life with your version
if you did serious fiction cinema cinema
people will notice as you are truth
Cinderella of a false story that nobody wants
or no one believes it is unrealistic, since most
are not at all what at first seemed

You said take the rap in the veins?
the same rap that you asked me to stop for you? ME DAS PENA!
or you screwed up that I cared more than you?
so am I with the rap to the coffin llevamelo

Now take me whatever you want as far
the difference between you and me is that I do not lie
looks to the point where you "Take things nice
yours are not pious baloney

Your mother about me in the back and you name in vain
because then if you throw the stone hiding the hand?
I regret having is with you both
and yes, I swear that's what little I have repented

I shame me when I look in the mirror and think
I wanted to grow old with you
but I would have eaten fast as incense
and now I'm happy not to have gone together just then

I twice, but never three
you know the truth and I was also the
because you always speak to me if you pass then you tell me
You contradict your own and one finished by false

Coward I cojerte not the phone? you're wrong
because not only talking to you and you went crazy
what I have to say I do not care
without even interrupted me to show that I listened

And you stayed at home after dropping the same thing
wanted to make me feel like shit apparently
I repeat, do not be disrespectful
some told me that the story you tell something was wrong

And to hell with 26, A LA MIE*** TU TAMBIEN
anyone who is having no idea goal to give you!
nobody was on my skin or yours so that neither opinen
the story of two was like to film outtakes

Vouchers callas more so than what he might say?
if only you spoke and you did it to lie
if you think that was happy is because even if you do not know anything
I hope you never treated like she treated me

YOUR THE screwed! nobody came between us
Why do you keep going and keeping our photos?
tell the truth, have no fear, your fans will be there
although they have no reason we both know

I await your response and already I diras
I know you well and again you lie to yourself
you make up things that can give you game
want easy fame, is playing with fire

Can finally be the center of attention
I would love to see your reaction to this song
is your tailored suit, you were screaming
this is like when you wrote beautiful messages

I did not want to do this .. but you have forced me
by all the lies you told
for those photos you've been through our personal
for you, for me, not to see anymore until I have prayed

In indirect loose all your songs to my
and then think that our songs are for you
Not so, you're not as important tia
this is so, leave us in peace, I swear you will not find more news mias

Honey, I love you ..... BUT OUT OF MY LIFE!
here or paint your family or your fans, not your fuc*** friends
this time if you can give the hint ..

Why can not I just understand that?
The mirror gives you back an image that is going away
the sky no longer hear your voice
is a memory in your memory that faded long ago
that you keep praying to God?
if this feeling that existed between the two died
accept it, is finished, and my heart ached in vain
adios telling you fix it too late

(now you can deny all
and believe you can fool your lies
all this shit came out of your anger
to support me in it for me is not necessary
if they gave you that education that demuestraslo opposite?
I do not want your forgiveness, I do not want to give me the reason
is there, each draw their own conclusion)

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