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Ton-to .. f*** with the kid,
va! ah nonono, perdon perdon,
Shut the f*** up,
shut up, bitch, asshole, muerete

Jamas come to think what would happen,
I came to know and started to hang items
I would think 'I'm not me nothing'

Porta maybe ..
but not short-ever Cristian fame

You have two disks, series, book and
I'm up in clothes
say you do not want fame
as these up in the soup

Critical only you give him fame in this rap,
promotion of what you do for me
give me money

Let's start siendonos sincere
I do not owe anything to anyone
much less to rappers

Every fuc*** day return to the past
I do not have the slightest guilt of having triumphed

If your fault
that I exist for you
Finally ..
you owe it to fans
and those who speak ill of you

At last, best habertelo thought
models draw
made of your fuc*** life
is changed

I stayed with my music,
you with my life goals,
hopefully never have hung my models

I know it sucks,
I'm nobody special
sometimes I regret
to have signed with Universal

Without them todabia work like a pig,
nothing serious and that no one wants to be
Universal will not change
you only promotes

And tell me to change something that already works
Semicolon, I stop working
and this bitch fashion
I take off these Zoga drowns

And do you think now that I love for something?
not for who I am,
is what I am what I am worth

I'm worth more than you, at least my head
haslo reemplazame by Chus but gently

You are a fashion
and if I'm wrong tell me why you wear so many years
if fads are short


Bipolar disorder is my disease
you do not know my split personality
I have psychological problems in reality
Cristian and Porta discussed because of the rap (x2)

The media always ask me
''How to wear it?''
I say great
but is that really
ing them

It seems to do nothing
but the truth does not stop
When people stop me
It's strange

Of course, rare
if your life is public
appreciates that for many our music is unique

Anyway, the price paid for success
is not known
and be known by all

(Subelo) the price is high
more than you think
I'm up the cock of people interested
interviews with magazines NIÑATAS

I go in fear of the street
if any fan is killing me

Sit down and think about it for a while
(thinking) girls are not the problem,
the problem are the brats

You can go
and try it in small group
It came out one by escaldao pose as macho

I'm tired of having to be simpatico
although no apetesca
I point out in the street
and even that does not bother me what paresca

And the big question ..

and there is every silly

Best is good for your faithful follower,
Do you want to call you Cristian
Carrier or call you?

Won a gold disc
and he who gets upset despite
in the world of rap
can only say that all


Bipolar disorder is my disease
you do not know my split personality
I have psychological problems in reality
Cristian and Porta discussed because of the rap (x2)

I, fame does not bring anything good,
I'm sick,
I do not have to endure any of the two extremes

Acabare until eggs
Porta and rap,
it ceases before losing who I really care

"Leave this?
after gaining cabazos
asi es mi pasion love
also my hobby and your job

I spend at Lebu
that was the best money spent in my life
two years working hard and now look
FINDINGS wing gets that money is unimportant

What was a passion
now it's hell
aqui no buts

All they see me as a business
When I see someone, I see the symbol
the dollar in their eyes

Life is business
and your time is money
as you will be able to leave what I want more

You can
even be what you want from time to time
I speak for your fans,
because of you,
by rap command

The groupies, more than half
do not understand rap
and evaluate it,
nadamas see a physical
other fashion is what it takes now is not it?

My life is ruined,
I can not go with my girlfriend
nor to my friends about you to something

The b-boys do not appreciate nor
fans destroying from within
and you think little

You sold your privacy
you had the chance
to choose between your personal life and rap


Bipolar disorder is my disease
you do not know my split personality
I have psychological problems in reality
Cristian and Porta discussed because of the rap (x2)

I'm going to shave so I would not recognize,
your hair mark my aesthetic
you better not rapes

Hare whatever you want,
nor interfere,
do not stand

Will appear to want to look like the other rapers,
I am not of autographs,
of pictures and kisses

If you get hard when you were dreaming in ESO
(What?) Ya,''but I did not want this,''
ninth''I did not want all this''
Your imbesil, Whose you're joking?

I do not concideras MC
but someone can make you real,
is that just thinking about my
but I want

For that I will not lie
if we all want money
I will not be a public person I know,
many want to enter my circle
just for interest

And you expected after the success and fame
if some want what you
and otrasllevarte to bed

They think I'm forrao
and I have a fuc*** hard
Would that it were so for not seeing you but your ass

You do not live badly you can not complain
that gives you more if you recognize where fences

When I see some say
I'm not a monkey show
I look so funny face
and I long

'Leave me alone, I want intimacy fuck'
this is too pa 'mi
if not aguantare Pobresito''''




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