Letra de la canción

isthar, queen of heavens brillian;
light of the night mistress of gods...
I invoke your mind, your dreams...
I guide your soul toward smoke dark direction
I behold you from the abyss
Out of life, through the gates of death
In unknown plains I lie, in a dominion
without return a black earth of evilness,
lust and perverseion.
Black goddes Ereshkigal lure my
dark emotions, in Cutha I want to live
in I want to a rule !
Isthar daughter of sin, come to me,
through your dreams, your soul is
mine through your dreams you are here.
A black ritual a black invocation,
a dark prayer, a blood sacrifice
Isthar open your eyes ,
now you are with me.
where eyes covered by terrible
visions of thy unholy
A land where a mystical figure
of evil rises from flames
A land called Kur-nu-gi-a the
dominion of black wisdom.
A winged creature lover of tyranny
the ritual is done, you reign again.

Letra añadida por: XSadistico666X (#8.120)

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