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Mistress Ereshkigal (Queen Of Death)


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Endless pain upon a weak queen
called isthar evil laughts that scared into darkness
A black mistress between gods a
dark mistress called ereshkigal (queen of death)
The unholy blood flows under a
moonlight the dark winds are
summoning the black powers the
impure waters are rejoiced because
de terrible wrath of my queen,
mistress of the netherworld
I see black demons flying near
throughmy evil eyes infecting all
things with horror and suffering
The pentagram lives in my hearth
The gates were open and darkness
falls over isthar and kill the mortals
The ark waters ares rising, carrying
to the goddes of light towards the night dominions
Evil pleasures under the calid water
occult desires of the ancient CUTHA
KUTULU awaits you in a throne
of blood where exits the seven gates and the seven laws
And walking through the evil gates
Isthar descends to the land of KUR,
a land where the star of lamentation
rules on a throne of bones

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