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The Black Torment Of Ishtar


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Without any sign of life she contemplates
the almighty throne
Is clear pain hera weak eyes
Oh, mistress of death, bring me the black wisdom !
Dark screams summoning to NAMTAR
the magician after that only exist a
sa shape under the sea, the depth of Hades
A ple face watching the beauty
of netherworld, across the moon
she watch only black wings
while endless thorns embrace her
rises hate in my black heart
the seven lords of the netherworld
hear de dark invocation and rise them !
The winged gods without face from
ABSU hear the spell and rise them !
A cold glance, a soul with the dark
a dance of black creatures,
devouring, rapping, killing
A spell, a glass monument (the corpse of isthar)
Beyond the mystic gates of death
a goddes enjoy in her throne
She is praised by the MASKIM creatures
She is loved by the GIGIM creatures
The sun no more rises in a throne
where rules only darkness
The light no more rises in a
kingdom of fear and tyranny
The white princess no more rises in
a domain of endless mist gray feel
the black torment of isthar n
a land covered by blood
The black torment of isthar a celebration
a possessed souls
The flowers no more rises in the forest
only black roses cover her evil throne

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