Letra de la canción

The terrible winter comes,
it snows
from the four poles
the mighty winds
the blattle begin
greed make the brothes kill
the beast is unleashed
the fatal hour!!!
death adn destruction
a time of horror
a time of swords
a time of wolves
a time of winds.

There are no stars in the sky
fenris is unleashed
the earth is drowned
thy serpent shakes the seas
thy serpent exhale poison
and infest the earth.

Hrymir leads the naglfar
through the seas of hate
with fire in thy eyes
fenris touches the earth
the sky turns a part
ygdrasil trembles
thy serpent died by the
hands of almighty thor
odin died by evil fenris
the fight of the dors!!!
as surtor burns the earth

Letra añadida por: XSadistico666X (#8.120)

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