Building The Ark - Meg Hutchinson

Building The Ark

Meg Hutchinson

Letra, canción


'Building The Ark'

At the telephone booth in the rain, it's
Been like this four nights and three days, and
Who's to say thirty-six aren't to come, it's an
April shower but i'm ready for the flood, and
Neither six hundred nor the chosen one,
Still i lower the planks
And march the wild things on, and
God said, "build it out of gopher wood,"
And i said back,
"you know music it floats real good" and

How is an olive leaf, enough of a covenant
Borne on a small wing after a long dark
Should i still walk the edge,
If the waters are rising
Two by two they march on,
Safe i walk all alone

See i'm no good with a hammer
Or a nail, and the
Wind will have to carry me 'cause i never
Learned to sail, and
I didn't get sea legs when they
Were passed out, but i
Learned to sing from way down
Deep where it counts, and

How will i calculate my area
Three decks are a lot for a paper
Thin tape measure, and
How will i catch two of every fish
And every bird, with
Music alone can i float through this world?

I know that i have made it this way
Unrequited love leaves a lot to say
And a lot of free time
To sing away the days, and
Makes me want to be
Just a little bit crazy, and

Our greatest gift is the survival urge, and
If i seem distant
I'm just protecting myself, and
People tell me my full name means pearl,
Like an oyster in my shell
I will make something beautiful

Meg Hutchinson

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Building The Ark



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