Any Given Day de Meg Hutchinson

Any Given Day Letra

Meg Hutchinson


'Any Given Day'

On any given day, snow changes to rain
changes back to snow again
freezing on the roads forcing us to choose a new way
and here we go
on any given day, ten years from now
she will decide
if she was wrong or right to leave behind
one whole life on that winter night
And, call me crazy call me mad
just being alive is the best thing i've ever had
in the end you know all we really have
is the ticking of these little hands
and if we're lucky maybe a love that lasts
On any given day, you'll find her slouched
in the back of a matinee
immersed in someone elses' private pain
waiting for that familiar light on a stranger's face
On any given day, misplaced keys could make you
seconds late
to the intersection where that truck has run the
red light
allowing you to stay here for another night