Always Before de Meg Hutchinson

Always Before Letra

Meg Hutchinson


'Always Before'

Walk these streets, no one knows my name
City rain, i've come to fix my wings again
It's always the same, this brokenness, this shame
I don't know how long boy, i can play this flying game

You think its easy, then why don't you change?
You haven't been there, who are you to say
That above all this darkness, it's a clear clear day
Are you just gonna stand there, are you gonna take my pain away?

Always before, when i could no longer swim
I felt an arm under heavy limbs
Hey you, on the shore
Are you watching anymore
Are you going to pull me from this?
I need a hand under my ribs

I've seen their eyes, they'll do anything
Sell the only thing they have, to escape again
Out on the corner, selling ticket till the mourning
Crawl back to a bridge, to sleep it off until tomorrow

You could say, i bared my veins of my own sweet will
You were the first, boy, to clear your name, when trouble fell
You said "i'm not to blame" and i said i'm empty all the same, empty all the same...

I am this night, i am air rising from below
Under these miles of waste and stone
I am living, i am still warm

Always before, i had all ways before me
Before, now i'm always to find more before me, before me, before me
Hey you, who were before me
Be before me, and below me and above me, now, always and forever,
Be before me now, (after and before)