The Crossing de Meg Hutchinson

Coming Up Letra

Meg Hutchinson


'Coming Up'

Have you seen the way trees grow around barbed wire?
or the way fog burns off into blue?
have you seen the day turn into a dozen windows?
it's a great big world out there
Have you seen October rain falling on rivers
or the way leaves gather at the dam?

I've been among them too scared to cross over
now there's nothing keeping me here
so if you hear some kind of singing in the underground
you'll know who it is without going down
and after this mean coastal winter's gone
i'll be the first one you see coming up, coming up

Have you seen the eyes of the men on the Avenue?
they drink until they holler like children at the air


People press themselves into the trains
stare the hard stare of people without names
all these tired bodies riding home in the rain and the
dusk at the end of the day