(We Are) The Road Crew - Letra


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Another town, another place
Another girl, another face
Another truck, another race

Eatin' junk, feelin' bad
Another night, goin' mad
My Woman leavin' I'm so sad

But I just love the life I lead
Another beer is what I need
Another gig, my ears bleed

We are the road crew

Another town I've left behind
Another drink, completely blind
Another hotel I can't find

Another backstage pass for you
Another tube of superglue
Another border to get through

Drivin' like a maniac
Drivin' way to hell and back
Another room, a case to pack

We are the road crew

Another hotel, we can burn
Another screw, another turn
Another Europe map to learn

Another truckstop on the way
Another game that I can play
Another word I learned to say

Another blasted customs post
Another bloody foreign coast
Another set of scars to boast

We are the road crew

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