Elton John


On and On
She broke my heart, he hurt me too
That's something that only unworthy souls do
They said goodbye, we say hello
An introduction for a perfect love to grow

Let's stop thinking about the past
And start thinking about the future
So that love can go on and on

She said she'd stay, he said that too
So sad when you find out your love has found a new
She made me cry, he made me weep
But life has love in store for us that's ooh so sweet

On and On (love keeps going on)
On and On (they've got the whole of life)
On and On (love keeps going on)
On and

It's time to say goodbye to crying eyes and broken dreams
And get back to the joy that to each other we will bring
That starts from summer love to last through autumn, winter, spring
Our hearts will sing forever, love