Yes there will be a time when everything that's mine
Lies broken in my hands so there must be a chance
To take some kind of way to tell you how I feel

And all I say is true though just a point of view
From the bottom of my heart for if someday we'd drift apart
Then I may say I too I was true

Everything you do
You are a dogheart with eyes so sad and true
(With eyes so brown and blue)
Everything you do makes me feel so good
It's good to be with you with you

You're trackin' with your sense you're loyal to your friends
And when they're coming after you ; you fight until it ends
Some way at least they'll pay for no one takes your place...

Yes there will be a time, a time to say goodbye
But we'll go hand in hand forevermore I'll stand with you
So I can say I too I was true

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