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Ann Bell Fell


Woo - oo - oo - oo come on and shine

Take a look at you inside
Is there something that you hide
Are you a dreamer?
If you wish upon a star
Drinking beer down at the bar
You're a deceiver - of yourself

No mountain too high
No river too deep to try

We are believers (we are believers)
Not just only dreamers
We are believers
We are believers aa-aa-aa

You can be there in command
Just join us take a stand
And start believing
'Cause the big wheels they won' t turn
Not before your fingers burn
Just quit the dreaming
We can cry out to the sky
We can ask forever why but never find out
But if we put our hand in hand
And we spread throughout the land
We can bind our hearts together

No mountain too high
No river too deep to try

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