Right in the mood
I'm waiting someone to call
That's understood
Just shadows playing on the wall
Let's stay in truth
Not pretending that it's okay
Your words so smooth
But still I got something left to say

I'm not the one
A loser with a broken heart
Still see the sun
And waiting for a brand new start
That's understood
Pretending that it's okay
Right in the mood
A few stupid words left to say

Don't you see I'm alone
Lost and far away from home
Don't you see I'm alone
Don't you think you could solve
Re-arrange and change it all
If you see I'm alone

What would you do
If shadows are calling your name
Where can you go
If your heart is doing the same?
Right in the mood
Still waiting someone to call
Right in the mood
And still I wanna change it all

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