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Capital Enslavement Letra



Capital Enslavement (Letra/Lyrics)

Struggle with demons, enticing my dreams
Psychotic illusions, can't make out what's real
Tormented and tortured, oppressing the screams
Denying the symptoms that brought us all here

Can't make out the faces, keep changing with time
Search for an answer, hope passes us by
Must keep always moving, you stop when you die
Born into this world, no escaping this fuc*** game

Do you believe what I say?
There's no relief when you pray
Without it we die, no food in our mouths
You can't deny what I say
We live for it or die

Fight for it, lie for it
Even try to kill for it
Never stop, pay the price
Even after death

Once you have the taste of it, you want it all the time
Turn your back on everything and sink into the grime
Searching for the power, desperate and alone
Everyone's an enemy, can knock you off your throne
Falling down

Better believe what I say
There's no relief when you pray
Raised from the cradle till death in the grave
You can't deny what I say
We live for it or die

Datos de Capital Enslavement

CAPITAL ENSLAVEMENT es una canción de Sepultura del año 2020, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Quadra. Agradecemos a RickRack por haber sudido la letra de Capital Enslavement.